Kambala list 2023-24: Discover Dates and Locations Here

Kambala list 2023-24

Kambala Festival Schedule 2023-24

Kambala, a traditional buffalo race in Karnataka, India, has deep roots in the region’s cultural heritage. As we excitedly await the Kambala list 2023–24, let’s examine the intricate details and importance of this particular event.

Kambala Calender for 2023-24 / Kambala list 2023-24:

Kakyapadavu Kambala18 November, 2023Kakyapadavu, Bantwala, Mangalore
Bengaluru Kambala25 November, 2023Palace Grounds, Bengaluru
Moodubidire Kambala2 December, 2023Moodubidire, Mangalore
Baaradi Kambala9 December, 2023Baaradi beedu, Karkala, Udupi
Naringana Kambala17 December, 2023Naringana , Bantwala(Near Deralakatte)
Mulki Arasu Kambala24 December, 2023Mulki Arasu, Mangalore
Mangalore Kambala30 December, 2023Mangalore Bangrakooluru
Miyaru Kambala6 January, 2024Miyaru, Karkala, Udupi
Ballamanja Kambala7 January, 2024Ballamanja
Hokkadigoli Kambala13 January, 2024Hokkadigoli, near Venoor, Mangalore
Adve Kambala20 January, 2024Adve Nandikooru, Padubidri, Udupi
Putturu Kambala27 January, 2024Putturu, Mangalore
Aikala Kambala3 February, 2024Aikala, Kinnigoli, Mangalore
Jeppu Kambala10 February, 2024Jeppu(Jeppina Mogaru), Mangalore
Vamanjoor Kambala17 February, 2024Vamanjoor, Mangalore
Katapadi Kambala24 February, 2024Katapadi, Udupi
Bantwala Kambala2 March, 2024Bantwala, Mangalore
Bangadi Kambala9 March, 2024Bangadi, Belthangady, Mangalore
Hokkadigoli Kambala16 March, 2024Hokkadigoli Kambala, Baantwala
Venur Kambala23 March, 2024Venur, Karkala, Udupi
Uppinangadi Kambala30 March, 2024Uppinangadi, Mangalore
Panapila Kambala6 March, 2024Panapila, Mangalore
Balkunje Kambala13 April, 2024Balkunje, Mangalore
Gurupura Kambala20 April, 2024Gurupura, Mangalore
Kambala list 2023-24 / Kambala Schedule 2023-24

What is Kambala?

Originating from the rural landscapes of Karnataka, Kambala is a traditional sport where buffaloes are raced through paddy fields. This long-standing tradition not only displays the buffaloes’ strength but also the community’s agricultural way of life.

Rich Cultural Heritage

The cultural significance of Kambala is embedded in the soil of Karnataka. Karbala is not just a spectator sport; instead, it is a celebration of the mutually beneficial relationship that exists between humans and buffalo, which reflects the agricultural nature of the environment.

Kambala Schedule 2023-24

As we delve into the Kambala Schedule 2023-24 for the upcoming season, the excitement is palpable. As competitors prepare to demonstrate their skill and the buffaloes’ speed in this thrilling race, the suspense grows.

Excitement and Anticipation

The air is filled with excitement as the date for Kambala draws near. The entire community comes together, eagerly awaiting the thunderous sound of buffaloes racing through the waterlogged tracks.

Participants and Teams

The Kambala list 2023-24 wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging the skilled participants and their loyal teams. The Kambala festival event focuses on the relationships between man and buffalo, with each team contributing to the spectacle.

Technological Integration

In a nod to modernity, technology has found its way into Kambala. Modern timing systems and live streaming of events are only two examples of how technological integration improves the whole experience for participants and viewers alike.

Kambala and the Community

Beyond the racetrack, Kambala plays a crucial role in fostering community spirit. It brings people together, creating a sense of belonging and pride in their cultural heritage.

Challenges and Triumphs

While Kambala is a celebration, it’s not without challenges. From environmental concerns to ensuring the welfare of the buffaloes, the event grapples with various issues. However, it’s through these challenges that triumphs emerge.

Kambala Beyond the Track

The impact of Kambala extends beyond the muddy tracks. It has become a symbol of resilience, showcasing the determination of the community to preserve and celebrate its traditions in the face of modernization.

Impact on Local Economy

The economic impact of Kambala is substantial, from the sale of tickets to the boost in local businesses during the event. The Kambala season injects vitality into the local economy, providing opportunities for growth and development.

Kambala Schedule 2023-24

Future of Kambala

Looking ahead, the future of Kambala holds promise. The continued enthusiasm and support from both participants and spectators ensure that this cultural extravaganza will thrive for generations to come.

Spectator Experience

For those fortunate enough to witness Kambala, the experience is unparalleled. The thunderous roar of the buffaloes, the cheers of the crowd, and the muddy splashes create a sensory spectacle that leaves a lasting impression.


In conclusion, the Kambala Schedule 2023-24 is not just a roster of participants; it’s a testament to the resilience, culture, and community spirit of Karnataka. As we eagerly await the races, let’s celebrate the rich heritage and traditions that make Kambala a unique and cherished event.


  1. Is Kambala only about buffalo racing? Kambala is more than just a race; it’s a cultural celebration that reflects the deep connection between the community and its agricultural roots.
  2. How has technology impacted Kambala? Technology has brought advancements in timing systems and live-streaming, enhancing the overall experience for both participants and spectators.
  3. What challenges does Kambala face? Kambala faces challenges such as environmental concerns and ensuring the welfare of the buffaloes, but the community’s determination leads to triumphs.
  4. How does Kambala contribute to the local economy? The Kambala season boosts the local economy through ticket sales, increased business for local vendors, and overall economic vitality.
  5. What does the future hold for Kambala? The future of Kambala looks promising, with continued enthusiasm from participants and spectators ensuring the event’s longevity.
  6. When will Kambala start in 2023-24? Please check the Kambala list 2023-24 mentioned in the table.

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  1. Thank you brief information. it answered my queries would you please let me know if are you a part of a host team? I need some help.
    Looking forward to your response

  2. I stay in Dubai, and actually, I didn’t know about it. Thank you for your brief information about location it helped me join the Kambala festival in Bangalore

    1. 13 Jan 2024 Mrng to 14 Jan 2024 evening or night.

      On the morning of January 13, 2024, Hokkadigoli Kambala will commence. In the morning, they will introduce their Kambala team by conducting a rally on the muddy race track of Kambala, accompanied by some Pooja and rituals. The Kambala teams will engage in practice sessions. We suggest that you attend in the evening or at night of jan 13 2024, as the actual Kambala race will commence in the evening. The end time is uncertain and may extend into the night.

      Location – Click here

  3. Can you pls send location of balkunjr kambala. Is it towards pudubidri. Am planning to come to Mangalore around that date. What will be the timing.

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